Friday, August 1, 2008


I've uploaded the pictures I took at the ride, putting them on Snapfish. Here's the short link:

You'll no doubt notice that there are a lot of pictures of the Masi and not many pictures of other people. This is because the Masi stayed with me, whereas other riders would not ride for me long due to my particularly abrasive personality. Further, there are so many pictures because I would look for reasons to stop the bike and shoot a few things. There are not many pictures of the last day because I was looking to 'git er done.'


  1. Great pics! It looks like a great place to tour, beyond the 1200K.

  2. It would be nice touring, particularly since that would afford a more leisurely pace and you'd get to see things in daylight.

    The Randowife said that next time I should bring one of those troll dolls dressed in Gran Fondo kit, and put it on the bike when I take a picture. That would be hilarious!