Monday, January 12, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I Need Winter Base Miles

Editor's Note: Today's blog entry comes from my friend Maurice Carter, who lives in Covington, GA, and rides as much as he can (which is never as much as he wants) with the Covington/Conyers Cycling Club. I've known Maurice for almost 30 years. Later this week I will reveal why he is such a great guy to ride with.

10. My belly keeps getting in the way of my legs on the upstroke. (Not funny, I know, but best to get the true ones out of the way first!)

9. My friends ride faster to get to the store stop before me, to be sure they get something to eat.

8. I find myself asking riders behind: "Does my butt make these shorts look big?"

7. Someone filed a restraining order last week stating I was following them closely and breathing heavily.

6. The pre-ride stretch is something I do to my jersey when getting dressed.

5. My bike hides from me while I'm inside the store stop.

4. On the climbs, I can't keep my heart rate down in the aerobic zone. (And, that includes the climb out of bed!)

3. When I try to calculate my power to weight ratio, the calculator gives an error because it can't handle that many leading zeros after the decimal.

2. The effort to type the phrase "Lactate Threshold" puts me over my Lactate Threshold.

1. When I started talking about another Six Gap ride this Fall, my bike listed itself on e-Bay.

Another Editor's Note: If you have any more reasons along this line, post a comment. By getting Maurice to write this entry (OK, he really sent it to me as an e-mail and I just stole it), I get to be very lazy with my blog. By getting you to post more stuff as comments, I am being even more lazy. Eventually, the blog will write itself, and I can sit around all day watching "Jerry Springer" and eating bon-bons.

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  1. Almost 30 years! Wow... To think I knew RandoBoy when he was nearly still a boy, but not yet a rando!