Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Women's Intuition

Actually, it's the Schick Intuition, and it's not just for women any more.

It is, ordinarily, the best way to shave your legs. I'm not going to get into the whole waxing vs. shaving thing, because I've never waxed and have no interest in it. I watched "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and it looked like that hurt.

I normally like Schick's Sensitive Care model, because it smells nice and moisturizes my dry legs, but any of them are great for that weekly depilitation that makes cyclist legs so gosh-darned pretty.

However, there is no good way to get the long hair off when you haven't shaved in three months.

I managed it this past weekend, mostly because I went through two shaving heads. I only got one nick, and it was pretty minor. The shower did, however, run out of hot water, mostly because of the way that hair kind of mats up between the three blades. You have to do this violent rinse/flick thing to get the hair out.

So now my legs are smooth again. And of course, now it is turning cold again.

Speaking of Shaving ...

Elden "Fatty" Nelson of the very popular Fat Cyclist blog managed to get Bob "Tour Day France" Roll to agree to shave the last remnants of hair from his mishapen melon, if he can get $5,000 in donations at a special LiveStrong Challenge page. I donated $50 in memory of Kojak, Mr. Clean, and other follically challenged heroes. I think Bob would look good shaved ... well, he couldn't look much worse.

Fatty was live-blogging on the Amgen Tour of California, and this was just one of the hilarious topics he brought up there, along with references to "vestigial arms" on cyclists and the poor placement of some lettering on Rock Racing's kits.

"Bring out yer dead!" Just kidding, Francisco, leave your dead buried.


  1. Randoboy is a smooth character . . .

  2. No, I'm a smooth criminal. (Fans of Alien Ant Farm will not be humming, "Annie are you okay, you're okay, you're okay, Annie" for the next hour.)

  3. You might consider buying the Lady Remmington, rechargeable, just $38.66 at Walmart. They really have perfected this technology and some man I know who has some major leg stubble agreed with me that this shaver is awesome. It's great for the quick touch up on the calves when you are running late to hit the road...