Monday, November 9, 2009

Better Than Biking

Since it finally stopped raining here in middle Tennessee, we've had some pretty nice weather. This past weekend, it got up into the 70s, with fairly light winds and breathtakingly blue skies. It was a great day to be out Saturday, and was reportedly an even nicer day outside Sunday.

But RandoGirl and I had better plans.

We drove over to Greeneville, TN, to watch the RandoDaughter attack Maurice, Belle, and then the Beast at Tusculum College, in their production of Beauty and the Beast.

It was an excellent play, drawing talent from the RandoDaughter's college, various other schools in eastern Tennessee, the community, and even kids from the local ballet academy. The college has an extraordinary facility, too, enabling everyone to really enjoy the show.

It took the RandoDaughter half an hour to wash that makeup off. Then she and her boyfriend, Charles, went to dinner with RandoGirl and me.

Driving almost 10 hours to watch my daughter in a play and eat cheap Mexican food with her? Yeah, that's easily worth it.

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  1. I love you, Dad. I can never express well enough just how much it meant that you came to see me! I'm looking at the flowers from you and Mom right now. I'll see you guys at Thanksgiving, most definitely.