Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick! Sign Up!

I'm a dodo head.

Fortunately, Alan Gosart, isn't. He just sent me an email saying that he had signed up for the 100 Miles of Nowhere ... which we ultra-cyclists in middle Tennessee will be doing as the 200K of Nowhere.

How could I have forgotten this? Well, it's been a really busy morning at work. And the air-conditioning at home went out last night. Since we just had temperatures this past weekend in the 90's, that's a major concern.

But, mostly, I'm just a dodo head.

Alan saved me (again). I was just able to go out and sign up, so there's still space. I also signed RandoGirl up. She and I rode much of the route just yesterday, and we were surprised at how pretty it was, the great pavement, the low traffic, and the nice people.

So, if you want to come join us on May 21 ...

This is a great chance to have fun, ride with nice people, honor Peter Lee, get some neat free stuff, maybe win some other neat stuff, and pitch in $85 to fight cancer. And if none of those ideas appeals to you, then you're a dodo head.

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