Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Last Peak Day

I managed to get out at lunch for a couple of hours last week for a little ride. Ostensibly, I was just going over to the post office in Franklin, but then headed further.

I rode through downtown Franklin, then south on Main Street. One house had gone all out on Halloween decorations.

Continuing down Carter's Creek Pike, the day was just about perfect -- mid-70s and barely any breeze. The clouds told the tale of a tired high pressure cell that had rolled into the southeast, and decided to just sit a while.

I saw two groups of cyclists heading back towards Franklin on Carter's Creek. If misery loves company, joy appreciates it almost as much as an affirmation that you are in the right place and doing the right thing.

Heading next over towards Theta, I climbed Perkins Road. The trees were incredible there at the steepest pitch.

Once at the top, I turned immediately left on Sycamore for a quick descent down to Pope's Chapel. Then, I went through Thompson Station and out towards Bethesda.

My bottles were low and it was time for a candy bar, so I stopped at the market. Sitting there, a van with Massachusetts plates came in, and half a dozen people with new cheap Nashville cowboy boots climbed out. Somebody was looking for Sheryl Crow's house.

Since I was out this way, I headed over to Pulltight Hill.

Climbing up, I could see some more folks at the scenic view pullout at the top of the hill. As I got there, they said, "You must like climbing this hill."

I replied, "Well, this is where the view is."

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