Monday, March 4, 2013


Saturday afternoon, Gran Fondo (a.k.a., "The Greatest Bike Shop in the World") called to tell me that Clayton had finished putting the Honjo fenders on my Lynskey Sportive. It had been snowing all day -- although, fortunately, not much was sticking to the roads -- so it had been a "no riding" day for me. (Yeah, I was being a wimp.) Driving down to the bike shop was just what I needed.

Sunday morning, I was able to figure out a way to hook a pair of struts from an unused Tubus rack onto my Velo Orange rear rack, thus replacing (temporarily) the ones whose bolts I lost last week. They probably are irrelevant, since Clayton actually bolted the new fenders to the racks, but a little extra security never hurt.

Since the day had warmed up to a balmy 40 degrees, RandoGirl and I went for a ride.

But first, I took some pictures.

Yeah, those racks are nice and low. This should keep the panniers low, which keeps the center of gravity for the bike low. And that makes the bike easier to handle on longer days.

That bag is pretty spacious, plus has a clear top that just fits an Adventure Cycling map. Having it on top of the front rack gives me a place to put things that I want to get to quickly, but it's big enough to also hold the tools and spare tubes that I used to carry in my Arkel Tailrider on the Salsa. This will free up the top of the back rack to just carry my tent and the stakes. The way that rear platform goes, it should also be easier to hook and unhook the panniers back there with the tent stowed.

I already had that light. It's not super-bright, but mounted on the fender it's very handy. And it looks way cool.

We planned to ride to Franklin for a hot coffee at Frothy Monkey, but first we went up Parker's Branch and then down to Leiper's Fork. The bike still climbs well, descended great, and tracked straight with no problems. It feels sprightly, yet solid.

Since it was a sunny day, RandoGirl remarked how shiny the Lynskey was with all of the stainless steel stuff on it. She gave the bike it's new name:


It fits.

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