Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If You Gotta Ride Inside ...

Last week: 10 hours of cycling. All of it indoors.

We had snow, icy roads, and single digit temperatures. While that may be nothing to many of you, I am a Southerner. I was born in Atlanta. My people are from Florida, and our blood has been thinned to such a degree that we are most comfortable in 85 degree temperatures with 90% humidity. This is the same adaptation that causes us to say "y'all" correctly and effect a beguiling dipthong.

Fortunately, RandoGirl's new E-Motion Rollers had finally arrived (her birthday present from me ... I love giving presents that I then get to use). I've almost learned how to ride on them without crashing.

Most of the 10 hours, though, was spent in the best spin class I've ever attended. Well, to be accurate, six of the best spin classes that I've ever attended.

Now, I'm on record as saying that I hate to ride inside at all. As the "Rando" part of my name would imply, my cycling style is not exactly in sync with "stumps and jumps" and other weird drills you often get in spin classes. There's not even fenders or lights on a spin bike, for crying out loud.

But there's this spin class at the YMCA that is ... well, different. It's not quite as good as being on a "real" bike -- although it's a harder workout than I would get in the same amount of time on a "real" bike, other than during a race. And, frankly, it's a better workout than I would get during a race: You focus on form and technique in the class, while in a race you only focus on the competition.

How good is this class?

Normally, the instructor for this class teaches at 5 and 6 am Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are about 30 bikes in the spin studio, and they all almost all taken. If I want a bike in the class, I have to get up at 4:20 and get to the YMCA at least 10 minutes before class.

Still not convinced it's popular. Just wait.

This past Saturday, the instructor also taught the 7 and 8 am classes on Saturday, substituting for the regular teacher. She's pretty popular, but when we heard (in Thursday's class) that we could get in an extra workout Saturday, a number of us decided to come Saturday.

It snowed here Thursday. Friday it turned colder, and Friday night it snowed some more. The roads were thus really nasty Saturday morning -- probably impassable in spots. I figured that this would keep a lot of folks away from the class. Only the truly dedicated would brave the elements, risking life and limb on icy roads like this.

Fortunately, I wanted some extra time spinning before and after class, so I got there 15 minutes early. This turned out to be a good thing because both the 7 and 8 am classes were full. People were showing up 10 minutes before class was set to start, and they got turned away.

That's a good spin class.

It's such a good spin class that, when I first started to write this blog, I was going to tell you which YMCA it was at and who taught this class. But then, Tuesday, I got to class a little late -- 4:50 am instead of 4:45 am -- and I almost couldn't get a bike.

So I started thinking: What if all of my loyal readers were to start attending this spin class? Along with the 30 folks that currently take this class on a regular basis, that would add up to ... let's see ... carry the 1 ... yes, that would make 30 people regularly attending this class!

I just don't need the competition.

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