Friday, February 26, 2010

You Can't Spell Random Without Rando

Gasp ... Need ... spring ... soon ...
  • Two Hours ...
    • On Rollers: Watching a "Bones" re-run -- ha-ha, dead body ... look at power: hmm, need to work harder ... okay, just another hour and 59 minutes to go ... Seely and Bones are talking to somebody. Gee, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife ... power still good ... Somebody just shot at Seely, and we go to commercial ... oops, power is slipping ... I should ask my doctor if Boniva is right for me? Huh ... faster cadence ... sip drink ... wish I'd turned on the fan before I started -- maybe I'll take a break after 30 minutes ... okay, just another hour and 58 minutes to go ...
    • Two Hours on Track Tuesday Night: Straight section: Work hard. Curve left: Work hard. Straight section: Work hard ...
  • There's a good chance the Hummer will soon go the way of other dinosaurs. I hate being on the same road as any vehicle that is too wide to give me three-feet clearance when it passes me with oncoming traffic, which Hummers around here seem to do far too often. I guess if you drive a car that costs more than a lot of houses, you feel that you are entitled to take all of the road that you want.
That's all I got this week. Maybe I'll post pictures from the Watertown 200K Saturday ... if the camera doesn't freeze.

Until then, happy riding.


  1. Boniva is right for you.

  2. If you hadn't visited Florida, would you be more/less irritated by the delay of spring?