Monday, December 6, 2010

Captain Video!

So, Friday it was nice. I biked to and from work, and I filmed my return trip.

Saturday and Sunday the weather sucked. This gave me a chance to take the video from Friday and post it. I even put music to it ... although I could only put 10 minutes of music. And that's weird, because the video is supposedly only 10 minutes long, although it ends up being 14 minutes long on YouTube. And the last two minutes are dead air.

Anyway, here -- for your entertainment and edification -- is my commute home. I sped it up 700%, since not even Max Watzz could really do the trip this fast.

The other thing I did with my weekend was drive out to Cookeville to plot the new 400K course we're going to run in the spring. But that's another day's post ...

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