Monday, August 27, 2012

The State of Cycling in Seattle

We're here in Seattle for a couple of days, getting on a cruise ship tomorrow to head up to Alaska. This is all for one of those things that "normal people" do, called "Vacations that Don't Involve Spending Ridiculous Amounts of Time on a Bicycle Seat."

Originally, this was Phase One of a multi-stage vacation, wherein Phase Two was going to be three weeks of biking and camping down the Pacific Coast, from Vancouver, B.C. to San Francisco, CA. With the move back to Nashville, Phase Two has been postponed for a year. Check back about this time in 2013 for reports of that Bucket List Trip.

Since we'd already paid for the cruise, RandoGirl and I are still doing this trip. At least, that's what we're telling everyone else; to be honest, we just needed a vacation.

We got in late Saturday, and spent Sunday walking around a bit. We saw some friends who had moved here from Naples about a month ago, then had dinner with friends from Tampa who we haven't seen in five years but live here now. The Naples friends hadn't changed much, and the Tampa friends were about the same, too. In both cases, this was super fun.

We spent a lot of both days just walking around, which is easy to do in Seattle. It's also apparently a very easy biking town -- in spite of the many short steep hills as you get closer to the water -- since we've seen a ton of bicycles. The hotel here even has a couple of big clunky beach cruisers that we could borrow; surprisingly, we've managed to keep away.

And so it is that I can report to you that the state of bicycling in Seattle is very strong. There are all kinds of folks -- from people just trying to travel between points A and B to people seeking a new personal best on the Sunday morning group ride -- and they all seem to co-exist beautifully with cars, pedestrians, and each other. If you come to Seattle for a visit and you can manage it, you should bring your bicycle.

Next time, I will.

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