Friday, September 4, 2009

My Prediction? Pain ...

In an hour, I leave for Dahlonega, GA to ride Bundrick's Revenge ... also known as "Ten Gaps." Jeff Bauer, Alan Gosart, Vida Greer, George Hiscox, and Peter Lee are coming with me.

I am afraid.

I think that I am about as ready as I could be. I've lost about as much weight as I can. I actually was a couple of pounds lighter last week, but would get light-headed when I stood up. I decided that this was probably because I was too skinny ... although maybe that's just a good excuse to eat food.

I've also been training very, very hard. Intervals, tempos ... all of the usual crap. I am about as strong as I think that I have ever been.

With my Lynskey, I have the perfect bike. Strong. Light. Lots of gears. Comfortable.

And I have some of my best friends riding with me. They will inspire me when I need it, entertain me throughout, and goad me through the low spots.

Since I will have my camera with me, I will post some pictures for you loyal readers next week. Maybe I'll even have words.

Or just groans.

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