Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top of the world

Got up on Brasstown Bald five minutes ago. No cramps. Walked 20 yards, but it was because my front wheel kept coming up and a Porche passed kind of close.

Carol: Hope you had a good ride.

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  1. My ride went well. A crew, gang, gaggle of us from the Harpeth Bike Club - whatever, it was a large group - rode the Sunrise Century together. (By the way, the six of us in the front at the beginning of the ride all had on our new Harpeth jerseys and I think we looked pretty spiffy.) Some of us had the goal of averaging over 19 mph. I ended up with a 19.37 average and was quite happy. However, I was able to do that in part due to great pulls from two tandems (Steve and Joyce, Bud and Lisa) and some really nice pace line riding.

    The weather was beautiful (even if the "hot" switch was turned on in the afternoon).

    An older gentleman at the entrance to the school asked me how my ride had been and I told him, "Great, since everyone I rode with made it back safely."