Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are You Ready to Go Nowhere?

We are now officially 10 days away from the 200K of Nowhere, where an undetermined number of riders will convene in College Grove, TN, to ride a 25-mile circuit an undetermined number of times (but hopefully at least five, since that's 125 miles ... which equals 200 kilometers, for those that don't speak "metric") in honor of Peter Lee, who passed away from cancer in November. Hopefully, everyone that shows up for the ride has already signed up via Fat Cyclist, and thus the money that they gave will go to LiveStrong to continue the fight against cancer. Hopefully, those folks will also eventually get their t-shirt and race plate (no, I don't have mine yet, either) and some other swag from Fat Cyclist.

That's a lot of "hopeful" and "undetermined" up there.

The weather is also undetermined, as you would expect since we've still got 10 more days and spring weather in the southeaster United States is about the most chaotic environment in nature. It is so chaotic that it could be Kaos itself, and Siegfried would be the weatherman.

Yeah, I'm going old school.

According to Siegfried, via, on May 21 we're looking at a high of 78 degrees and a chance of thunderstorms. Again, we're 10 days out, so this could mean a high of 12 degrees with polar bears carrying machine guns, shooting at us as if we were baby seals. "Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!"

To which Siegfried would say, "We do not doo-doo in Kaos!"

Gosh, I love that line.

Anyway ...

I've got a pretty solid commitment from about 10 randonneurs, which is pretty good. Since I've got 100 wristbands, we should be covered. I've also got 13 things to give away, which means that everyone gets a prize. I'm going to have my vehicle -- the Watzzwagen -- down there in the parking lot at the College Grove Community Center, with a ton of food and drink in the back. Well, okay, maybe not a ton ... it's a hybrid, after all ... but enough to feed 20 riders. It will be there at 6 am, when whoever wants to start riding can start riding, and will stay there until 7:30 pm. I may also get a bunch of sandwiches brought in about noon. After that, it will be tired and will go home.

Finally, I went out last night and marked the route. There are now white arrows at each turn -- one at least 100 yards before the turn, another 50 yards, and then the last at the turn itself. The first arrow has "W.K. Lee" painted under it, so you'll know that you're following the right set of arrows. There are a lot of arrows down there, because College Grove and Bethesda have the absolute best roads for biking in Tennessee ... maybe even the world ... and I didn't want people to get confused.

I also wanted to put Peter's name all over the route. A bit of immortality, you know? And Peter would like it that people think of him when they ride these roads.

Anyway, if you're coming and you haven't already told me, then ... well, tell me. Leave a comment here, or put something on Facebook for me, or send me an e-mail. If you don't tell me you're coming and things change and you can come, then ... well, come. The more the merrier, and I'll find a way to get you some food or drink if you need it. So long as there aren't more than 100 folks that show up, I'll even give you a wrist band.


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