Monday, July 14, 2008

The Long Journey Begins

I may not be heading out west for another six days, but the Masi leaves today. I dropped it off at the shipping dock here at work, and tonight it should begin heading to Seattle. By Thursday night, it should be at Sammamish Valley Cycles, so they can put it back together Friday and have it ready for me to pick up next Monday.

I've got the tracking number and will probably check hourly to make sure it doesn't stall somewhere or take a wrong turn and end up on Poughkeepsie. It's nerve-wracking, to say the least. But, if worst comes to worst, I can always beg Gran Fondo (my local bike shop and, frankly, the Best Bike Shop in the Whole World) to put gears on my single-speed Salsa Casserol on Saturday and fly out with that.

Don't let me down, DHL ...

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