Thursday, July 24, 2008


I rode into Valemount just before 1 pm, 319 miles in. My average speedi s staying around 25 mph, which was the upper edge of my projection. Besides a little pain in the right knee, everything is good and we are a go.

Heading out now to do the last 120 kilometers to Jasper, where I can finally get some sleep.

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  1. Masimaster (aka Randoboy),
    You are rocking! I know you are looking forward to Jasper and some blessed sleep and I am sure you it will be easier to sleep today than yesterday. You are in the first half of the pack. An excellent place to be. I am sure we will hear later about whether you actually could see other riders much or were out on your own in the frozen tundra (which was likely in the 70's).
    At least you are not likely to be encountering the same number of dogs roaming free as in TN and KY.

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  3. Umm... dud, you rock! Wish I was there with you! Knoxville is rooting for you! Keep it up!